Meeting Highlights for Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Written By Asma

Gerald was the toastmaster for Sep. 24, 2014 meeting. Jim as sergeant-at-arm gave the nice introduction  about Gerald who is  longest member in our club since the club was military  club. The meeting started on time. Gerald introduced the theme Expressions by using some expressions.

Mike  presented the word “Cliche”. Almost every one used the word during the meeting.  Jim gave the toast with enthusiasm and also he used some expressions in his toast. Cathy added the sense of humor to the meeting when she introduced the joke by using the body language and vocal tone variety.  Darryl as the timer and Mike as the Au_Counter gave a brief and wonderful introduction about their roles.

Margo who is the table topics master came with the fantastic idea by giving expression with definition to talk about it. And since there was no speech, she had prepared with two rounds of table topic. Our winner of  table topic award was Shawn where he demonstrated his impromptu speaking  . Also Shawn tested our listening skills by being the quizmaster.

Gerald adjourned the meeting on time and with encouragement to participate in upcoming toastmaster competition .

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