Meeting Highlights for Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Written By Jim Kelly


Our Chair, Jim, chose the theme of “Go For Your Goals”. He described how his understanding of what a goal is has changed over the years from: something Gretzky got more than 1,000 of; to things others set for him; and finally Toastmasters teaching him to set his own. Darryl introduced the word “dissuade” and persuaded us to use it during the meeting: we used it a lot. Margo gave us a few humorous perspectives on procrastination for our joke. Jim toasted the meeting’s two speakers.


Isabelle gave her #8 Competent Communication speech project “Using Visual Aids.” The speech was titled “Small Pox: Are We At Risk?” She gave a confident, compelling, informative presentation in her area of expertise that grabbed us from the very start and kept us riveted till the end with slides, statistics and suspense. Gerald gave the #3 Specialty Speeches project “Sell a Product.” In his speech titled “Bones to Pick” he sold us on pursuing our Toastmasters educational goals for this year with an effective blend of memorable, humorous stories and slides inspiring us to go for our goals.

Table Topics

Our Table Topics Master, Cathy asked 3 members to describe their SMART goals for the year. Mike, Bill and Margo gave concrete examples of their plans to reach their Toastmasters goals this year.


Both evaluators, Mike and Bill, gave exceptionally supportive feedback to the speakers highlighting several strengths of each speaker and giving helpful suggestions for improvement for future presentations. Asma gave us a detailed Timer report which showed the prepared speakers kept their speeches under the requested time: Bravo! In his Grammarian report, Darryl said we used the word 9 times during the meeting. Then asked 3 questions as Quizmaster which were duly answered correctly showing we were paying attention. Gerald gave a brief ah counter report. Jim gave a glowing overall meeting report and closed the meeting out encouraging us all to achieve 1,000+ lifetime goals like Gretzky.

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