GENERAL EVALUATOR report October 14, 2014

Written By Isabelle,
Margo was the Toastmaster for the October 15, 2014 meeting. It was the first time Margo filled in this role and she did it with great proud and confidence. Margo introduced the theme she selected for the meeting: ‘Taking Time to Celebrate’. Margo highlighted the importance of taking the time to celebrate big and small accomplishements. She indicated that she often celebrates even the smallest things, such as the weekend coming up, with her family at home.
Gerald the Grammarian, presented the word he selected for the meeting: “juvenescent”. This adjective means being or becoming young and youthful. This word was well chosen and in line with the theme. Cathy presented the Toast and we each raised our glass and made a toast to “Celebrating the important things”. The meeting continued with the Joke presented by Gerald.
As there was no speech, the meeting continued with two rounds of table topics. During the first round of table topics, members picked an occasion and had to discuss why they would like to have a holiday for that occasion. Some examples of these occasions included the graduation day, medical check-up, start of the school year, and first day of autumn. For the second round of table topics, members picked two words which were antonyms. These two words had to be integrated in their table topics related to a holiday or special occasion they celebrated. The second table topics was very challenging for everyone and really made us think.
Isabelle, the General Evaluator, then called for reports. Mike, the Timer, Gerald, the Grammarian, and Cathy, the Ah-Counter, provided their reports. Isabelle then evaluated the meeting and Bill was the Quizmaster.
The meeting concluded with the annoucement that next week, our Area Governor, Jim Kelly, will be visiting us. Also, Cathy, who was in second place at the Area 4 Humorous Speech Contests on October 7, will advance to the Division A Contests which will take place on Sunday, October 19.

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