GENERAL EVALUATOR report Nepean Wingtalkers meeting June 18, 2014

Written By Mike Gorman


–        Meeting started with a limited number of attendees at approx. 12:10 pm

–        Mike filled in as SAA, with assistance from other members

–        Due to limited attendance the Ah Counter role was omitted

–        Kowshy explained meeting theme ‘Gardening’, noting time of year and family activity

Summary of roles:

–        Mike provided a word of the day with some connection to the theme, PROPITIOUS

–        Cathy’s toast re families was tied into the meeting theme

–        Cathy’s joke about children also was related to the meeting theme

–        Darryl’s speech about ‘Ketchup  – King of Condiments’ was filled with a potpourri of information about the subject, including popularity, history, market data, quality control, and economics; he interwove the narrative with involving attendees with questions, using humour, and reinforcing the message with projected slides

–        Acting on short notice, Bill led us in a round of Table Topics using TM cards based on the meeting theme involving growth and its place in improving the member experience in our club

Summary re G.E. report:

–        In addition to a group evaluation of Darryl’s speech, Mike obtained reports from Bill (Timer) and Mike (Grammarian);  Kowshy stepped in to challenge us with a range of Quizmaster questions; Mike noted how our limited number of attendees worked together to insure a meeting of value to all

Other comments:

–        Under Notices for the Good of Toastmasters there was discussion about next week’s last meeting of the club year, expected to conclude with a short ‘post Toasties’ (food & soft drink)

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