GE report for the October 8,2014

Written By Isabelle

Shawn was the Toastmaster for the October 8, 2014 meeting and he provided a great introduction to the theme he selected for the meeting: ‘Times Change’. Many members were present and each member had a role in the meeting.

Mike the Grammarian, presented the word he selected for the meeting: “imbue”. This verb means to instil or inspire. This word was well chosen and in line with the theme. Mike also presented the Toast.¬†The meeting continued with the Joke presented by Jim.

Gerald then provided an excellent educational speech on how to become more effective evaluators. He first describes the benefits of evaluations for the audience, the evaluators, and the speakers. He continued by providing ideas on how to improve the effectiveness of evaluations before, during, and after a speech. Gerald concluded his speech by describing how to provide a balanced evaluation.
Following the educational speech, Darryl led the table topics where the speakers travelled through time.  Darryl had good transitions between the speakers.

Isabelle, the General Evaluator, then called for reports. Cathy was first and provided a great evaluation of Gerald’s educational speech. Then Margo, the Timer, Mike, the Grammarian, and Asma, the Ah-Counter, provided their reports. Isabelle then evaluated the meeting and Cathy was the Quizmaster.
The meeting concluded with the annoucement that Cathy provided an excellent speech at the Area 4 Humorous Speech and Evaluation Contests which occurred on October 7, 2014.
The same day, Gerald sent an email to all members and provided in writing the takeaway points from his educational speech.

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