GE Meeting Report on Aug 8th,2014

Written By Gerald Leahy

The meeting was held outside on a warm summer day.  Our Chairman was Darryl Macarthur and the meeting theme was “Beer” in recognition of International Beer Day

Jim Kelly provided an inspiring speech which was #8 from the Communication and Leadership Manual.  The speech objective was “Using Visual Aids” titled “Do what you Love”.

Bill Wright provided an evaluation of Jim’s speech

Cathy Chalykoff lead us in impromptu speaking as the Table Topic Master with topics related to the meeting theme, Beer.

Asma Eshakshuki did a stellar job of handling the roles of Timer, Grammarian and Ah-Counter.

Mike Gorman provided our Joke for the Day

Gerald Leahy lead the evaluation of the various aspects of the meeting as the General Evaluator

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